I can't connect my controllers, the headmount or the base station at the same time

No matter what i do only 1 device if it plug in my pc can be connected but the 3 others doesn't do anything. Like if I plug one controller in my pc and nothing else it gonna show that is connected but if I try to connect the others they're not gonna be connected. They are not detected by my pc on nolo window driver and I don't  know waht to do.


  • @ImKwAii You should be using the Nolo Home, which can be downloaded from their main website, unless you absolutely need the very old drivers for some reason.

    You are most likely not seeing anything due to being on a firmware that is not compatible with the older drivers.
  • It's because I want to do full body tracking with my oculus rift s
  • Okay, well first make sure you have the devices paired correctly to the base station. All device lights should be green once the headset marker is in the computer and everything is paired to the base station. (note that the red at the front of the base station is correct, its the top light on the power button being green to show its running)

    You will then most likely need the nolo home still to detect the devices as your firmware is most likely not compatible or everything is not paired correctly if the devices are not showing up. Make sure you only have the headset marker plugged into your computer during all setup and usage scenarios. 
  • the problem is nolo home doesn't work for me when I open it it's just freeze and ask me to close it when on press on it
  • Have you uninstalled the other nolo software?
  • @ImKwAii Hi, thanks for your message. Have you uninstalled other NOLO software? If you cannot use NOLO HOME without running other NOLO software, we would like to book a remote session for you to check this issue. Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password to support@nolovr.com. We need to book you in advance. 
    @Observer Many thanks for your help and support. 
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