Unity PC Standalone like the NoloAssistant demo scene?

I have the controllers all working in Unity. NoloAssistant has a demo scene that is a unity standalone executable that shows the controllers working. I want to build a standalone just like that, but when I build it, the controllers do not appear in the scene. I noticed the DLLs are different between the demo scene and the build that is output from Unity. What does it take to create a PC standalone to have the controllers working?


  • okay I overlooked something and can make a windows standalone and the controllers appear in it fine. However, in Unity, the headset marker tracker only does position and not rotation tracking. This makes sense if relying on a HMD for rotation tracking, but the demo scene in NoloAssistant has rotation for the headset tracker so clearly it is possible. Is there any way to activate rotational tracking of the headset marker in Unity?

  • @aprice Hi, thanks for your message. Are you trying to use NOLO to work with your PC without the HMD? Have you integrated the NOLO SDK?
  • Yes I have integrated the SDK and as I noted in my second message, I fixed a mistake and now I can build standalone Unity exe using NOLO with the PC without any HMD. So now the question is why can we not have rotation tracking on the headset tracker? Because the "Visualizer" demo scene that comes with the Noloassistant application shows rotation tracking with the headset marker, and it is a Unity exe, so clearly it is possible - so how can I activate rotation tracking for the headset marker in Unity? Thankyou
  • @aprice Hi, you can try to callout NoloVR_Plugins.GetPose(0).rot to activate rotation tracking. 
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