No vibrations and haptic feedback

Hi Guys, yesterday my nolo set is delivered to me :). Its a great product. I use ist with my PSVR and it works fine. First of all... did i need the iVRy Driver to run my PSVR with nolo? Now i have a problem with nolo... Do you know, why my controllers dont give a haptic feedback? The motors still vibrating, when i turn the controllers on, but in games, (beatsaber or other games) the controller didnt give me a haptic feedback. Thanks a lot. P.S. sorry for my english :) it´s not good



  • @SchmutzSkuz Hi, we received your email and replied to you. We will do a remote session for you to check this issue.  :)
  • Non-working haptics is a known problem with the latest firmware. It's not related to the SteamVR version. This intermittent bug is both when using Nolo HOME and when using the NoloVR SDK (Windows).
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