Installing/updating nolo home appears to be forcing steamvr drivers

edited July 2019 in Developers
I am getting more users reporting issues which are a result of the nolo home registering its drivers with steamvr when not necessary. 

It does not seem possible to install the nolo home with a tethered vr device choice anymore, and or perhaps updating the application may result in their previous choice being overwritten and the drivers get forcefully added to steamvr.

These drivers, without any way to stop them from being installed or any way to uninstall them easily from within the application, mess up the steamvr tracked device list. Meaning users may have to manually remove the driver/s before they can continue using the nolo cv1 with external applications that utilize the SDK.

Perhaps if Tethered VR Device is selected in the settings it would be good to see any nolo home drivers get unregistered from steamvr automatically. Otherwise providing a simple vrpath tool in the tools to install and uninstall certain drivers manually can assist with resolving this problem in a user friendly manner.


  • @Observer Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I'll pass them to our Dev team. 
  • This is a major inconvenience to anyone installing Nolo HOME and wanting to use other software that supports NoloVR. It contributes to the overall "user hostile" experience that leads many users to uninstall Nolo HOME once they've updated the firmware.
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