Alternate way to rotate?


I've got my NOLO VR system all set up and it works fine, besides the fact that turning around is absolute trash. The experience is completely ruined by having to do the double-tap of the menu button, and I was wondering if there is a way to set up the base station where there is basically 360-degree support. I know there used to be a ceiling mode, but since I use an iPhone now, both NOLO Assistant and NOLO Home are useless, so I use iVRy. Is it possible to have both of these work together, or just set up the base station to get as much turning as possible, for example, to have the base station to your side rather than in front, and so you can do 180 degrees to the right and face backward both not turn left.


  • I've added the "ceiling mode" support back to the iVRy driver (will be available in the next release). It was removed when it was removed (again) from the NoloVR SDK. It is back (again) in the latest SDK.
  • Awesome. When could this release be expected?
  • I'm desperate for the next iVRy update - I think it'll be a blinder!
  • When will the next release be? Between ceiling mode and wireless support I think iVRy will be a game changer :-)

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