app don't connect my controllers and base station.

my base station, 2 controllers, headset marker got green light on. But controllers and base station are not connected in the app. i am using oculus dk2, can someone help me?


  • @FalcoSenpai Hi, thanks for your message. May I know what software are you using? NOLO HOME or NOLO Assistant. For DK2, you should use the customized version of NOLO Assistant which can be downloaded at ;
  • Still not working i did the same thing, but now in this app, nothing is connected. I am doing exactlly same thing as in 

    NOLO Instructions: How to Pair NOLO

  • @FalcoSenpai Thanks for your reply. Have you installed the customized version of NOLO Assistant? Also, what USB cable are you using? I supposed that you're using a 4m USB cable to connect the headset marker to your PC, then turn on all other NOLO devices, right?
  • Yes i installed that customized version of Nolo assistant.  Yes i am using 4m cable to connect headset marker to my PC, then turn on base station, and controllers, and try tu pair all devices. Am i doing something wrong?
  • @FalcoSenpai Hi, thanks for your reply.
    Please follow the instructions as shown in this website at
    The 3rd step "Install Nolo_driver_for_windows_setup.msi." is not required. So you can skip that step. 

  • edited July 2019
    I did all the steps  but when i start steam vr, my base station is still searching. in the steam vr controllers and hmdi are connected, but i looks like base station doesn't see them, all of the nolo devices and the oculus dk2 are front of the base station. Also i dont see anyting in the headset. Maybe i should connect base station by micro usb?
  • I think Nolo Assistant can see only one nolo device at once, even if i plug all of four devices - 2 controllers, headset marker, base station by micro usb cable, the app can see only 1 devices at once, when i unplug one of the devices, the other one will apear.
  • @FalcoSenpai Hi, thanks for your update. Have you tried to pair your NOLO CV1?
    What you need to do is to connect the headset marker to your PC using the 1m or 4m USB cable, then turn on all other NOLO devices. (The controllers and the base station don't need to be connected via USB) And make sure that you're not using the 3 in 1 USB cable. It's only for charging the devices. 

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