Problem for NOLO controller with trinus PSVR in steamvr

My nolo controller has some problems, I use trinusPSVR, previously all controller button works fine in steam but I can not see the laser in steamvr home, which means I can not select anything but if I open VR app directly and it still working. But recently the problem changed, I can see the laser in steam but all botton not function anymore,  controller's movement works fine, in one day somehow I can see the button worked in steamvr home, but that time I got four controllers in my screen with two of each overlap together.
I checked my device in visualizer and everything works fine. seems there are some conflict between nolo and steamvr, does anyone know how to solve it?


  • Update
    After try to reinstill the nolo driver, now the nolo driver can not even detect the hardware, although all of them showed the green light, the problem becomes bigger........
  • @cxy9204 Hi, thanks for your message. NOLO driver is out of date. We recommend users to use NOLO HOME instead. May I know what HMD are you using? 
  • @admin Thanks for your reply, after using nolo home and update all my hardware, so far everything looks fine
  • @cxy9204 Hi, thanks for your update. If you have any other question, you can also reach us at 
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