tracking is totally mess.

I bought Nolo VR CV1 tracker for my Pimax headset. 

after I setup,  the tracking is totally mess. When My face forward in real world .  the virtual world goes down. When my face move to side. the screen goes foward.  it is totally mess,  I don't have any idea how to fix it.  it should probably not like that. 


  • @Lathander Hi, thanks for your message. Have you done the calibration before? 
    There are two calibrations for NOLO. The height calibration and orientation calibration. For the height calibration, please place the headset marker (with the headset) together on the ground, make sure the base station can actually "see" the headset marker, then single press the pair button. The LED won't change after pressed. 
    For the orientation calibration, please hold each controller on your hands. Straighten your arms and keep both hands together. Point the controllers to the base station. Look forward. Then double click the system buttons on each controller to calibrate the orientation. 
  • I have tried as you told me 10 times but it still same.  and screen is keep shaking about between 2cm. Is it hardware problem?  controllers are also in completely different location. but only angle is correct.  (only 3 dof is work. )
  • @admin ; I've fixed tracking the issue, it was because of Vive's light tracking. I didn't know it uses same technology. However the movement is too over-saturated. Can I reduce the 'Positional Tracking' multiplier? feels like the movement in VR is doubling of my real movement. 
  • @Lathander Thanks for your update. Can you record a short video about the movement is over saturated issue? We didn't encounter it before. 
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    @admin ;

     I've uploaded comparison video of tracking. I moved almost same amount, but in Nolo tracking, it moves just double. moving position using Vive tracker is exactly same as I do, but for Nolo it moves over-saturated. I don't expect similar quality with Vive tracker but it moves too much.

      the weird thing is the Base station location in virtual ward is different with real location. I think it is coursed.  the base station is located about 20 cm closer and 10 cm down than real location. I'm not sure it is soft or hard ware problem. 

    What is the recommended firmware version for Pimax? Maybe I made a mistake for software, I'm not sure. Please give me the link for get the firmware version that you recommended. in order to make double check. 

    please give me good solution for this. thanks. 
  • @Lathander Hi, thanks for your support and providing us the video. I passed it to our engineer. But it's hard to figure out the reason as there is no completely stable object in the video to distinguish the difference. Are you able to provide a picture to show where you place the base station and the headset marker? 
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    Here are my Head tracker and base station location picture. the base station is on about my shoulder level. Whatever I change the location of it, the problem is same..   the location of base station in VR is a bit way from real position and my head tracking amount is mostly double.  

    I ordered Samsung Gear VR.  It will arrive soon, Let me test it with mobile device then.  If the problem still same, Can I swap to a new Nolo set? definitely hardware problem then. 
  • Hi, thanks for your update. I checked it with your engineer. Pimax 4K is compatible with NOLO. But for Pimax 8K, it's not officially compatible now. So the compensation value of the rotation axis may be wrong for the Pimax 8K. You can try to contact Pimax support and inform them about this issue. Once you tried the GearVR, there shouldn't be a similar problem. You need to install NOLO HOME Windows client and NOLO HOME GearVR version. And make sure do not run NOLO software together with Pimax software. 
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