Nolo Ceiling mount, How to?


I own a Pimax 5k+ and I want to use my Nolo CV1 on the ceiling. How can I acheive this? I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere...



  • I've just finished to build my "Nolo crane" with the ceiling mount from thingiverse.
    I've found other topics where they were talking about NOLO ASSISTANT. I tried it and there is this "ceiling mode" option, but it doesn't seems to work. And this option is not present in NOLO HOME.
    So my question is still here... How can I use NOLO on my ceiling with my Pimax 5k+ and the last firmware (controller v 2.5)???
  • I summon @iVRy to this thread (please...) Do your drivers can answer this? If yes How can I achieve this?

  • @admin, can you help me here please?
  • @RugbyGoth Hi, thanks for your message.  We had released the demo version of ceiling mode but were not satisfied with the performance, therefore we suspended the update of this mode. If turn-around is needed during gameplay, we suggest using the 180° turn around hotkey (double-click menu button). 
  • Ok...
    So you release a ceiling mode alongside with stl files for mount, brag for it on youtube, showcasing how it works well and then suddenly apparently 6 months ago, without any notice, you remove it because you are not happy with it... So 1 and a half year with it working and suddenly you remove it because finally you don't like it.
    Firstly it's poor communication, then it could have been seen as misleading advertisment.
    Clearly between your issues with PiMax, iVRy and this, I won't advise anyone to use Nolo EVER and I guess I'll use mine as a placeholder before Pimax releases their solution, then I'll try to get rid of Nolo...
  • @RugbyGoth As I explained before, we're not satisfied with the performance of the ceiling mode, so we suggest users use the hotkey for turning around. 
  • @admin I understood and didn't said anything else. But I suggest you change your videos title with "not supported anymore" and modifying the description aswell because it can, like in my case, be misleading for your consumers.
  • @RugbyGoth Thanks for your suggestion. We will amend it soon. 
  • @RugbyGoth The iVRy drivers only support PSVR and mobile devices, and not Pimax headsets.
  • I often find discrepancies with Nolo which makes wonder how much of Nolos deelopers actually use it....the double click to turn around simply is a terrible work around and one that just sucks. ANy developer worth their salt would know this.

    Ceiling mode in comparison works amazingly well; considering. 
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