NOLO will be irrelevant

Over the past 6 months I have battled away with my NOLO set until I got a reasonable performance from it.  And by this I mean, the software runs but its set up in a real adhoc fashion to compensate for the fauty USB cable.

At present, because NOLO won't support Google Cardboard, I have to use the tethered experience. Unforutnately the 4m USB cable is faulty so onlu the tracking USB works. To compensate I set up a 5ghz hotspot on my phone, so effectively the screen is wireless but tracker is wired.

I now find that any game which requires full 360 movement is largely unplayable since the turn 180 degree solution is neither intuitive  or usefull.

I was hoping to mount the sensor to the ceiling but I note the drivers have been removed.

Since the draw to Nolo was the comatiblity with a phone; it is deeply fruystrating to find it largely unsuported (never has nolo home shown all devices connected). The lack of wireless & the lack of ceiling render it a half baked solution which is costly since an ocuus quest can now be bught with fully integrate tracking. 

If NOLO doesn't up its game then the hardware will rapidly become obsolte.
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