Nolo firmware not updating.

I go to update the firmware because I’m having some problems, so I open the firmware updater, it tells me to plug in the base station, I do that, and nothing happens, I’ve left it for 30 minutes and it doesn’t do anything, it just gets stuck on “Please connect the Base station to the PC via the USB cable.”. Does anyone know why this is happening?


  • @StarCoinHero Hi, thanks for your message. We would like to book a remote session to update the firmware for you. Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password. We need to book you in advance. 
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    How would 23:00 Tuesday CDT? I believe that would be 12:00 Wednesday for UTC+8. And I will get you my Teamviewer ID and Password as soon as possible.
  • @StarCoinHero Hi, I deleted your Teamviewer ID and password. It's not safe to publish it here. We can do it at 11:00 UTC+8 on Wednesday. Please send us your ID and password to 
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