NOLO Development Schedule (update monthly) 2018

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Starting May 2018, we'll be sharing our development schedule and updating here on a monthly basis, covering major aspects that our development team is focusing on in the specific month. You may check out the detailed listing accordingly and feel free to send us any comments and thoughts!  


NOLO Development Schedule for December 2018
Working on:
a. Firmware update for the base station - Improving shifting and jitter problem of the controllers
b. Optimizing user interfaces for the NOLO HOME windows client and app
c. Optimizing user guide and fixing the problem of incorrect graphics card detection
d. Adding function of selecting games in the NOLO HOME windows client and app
e. Adding the battery status bar in the NOLO HOME app
f. Compatibility with QIYU-II for playing SteamVR games


NOLO Development Schedule for November 2018
Working on:
a. Something big is coming...
b. Firmware upgrade of NOLO CV1
c. Compatibility with Skyworth S8000 VR Standalone


NOLO Development Schedule for October 2018

Working on:
a. Compatibility with PICO G2 for playing SteamVR games
b. Firmware upgrade of NOLO CV1 (Only compatibility with Mi VR, Huawei VR2, PICO G2)
    i) Low latency
    ii) No drifting of controllers
    iii) Bug fixes
c. Support AMD Graphic Card for NOLO HOME (Windows desktop client)


NOLO Development Schedule for September 2018

Working on:
a. Firmware upgrade of NOLO CV1
    i) Low latency
    ii) No drifting of controllers
    iii) Bug fixes
b. Compatibility with PICO G2 for playing SteamVR games


NOLO Development Schedule for August 2018

Improving NOLO HOME mobile application - 
    Optimizing the download and installation process for Gear VR games 
    Optimizing VR mode (bug fixes)

Improving NOLO HOME SDK - 
    Providing new solution for game developers


NOLO Development Schedule for July 2018

Working on: 
a. Implementing the compatibility with Mi VR Standalone for SteamVR gameplay;
b. Improving NOLO HOME mobile version - 
    i) Developing VR mode for browsing games in the store;
    ii) Refining login method; 
    iii) Refining user experience. 


NOLO Development Schedule for June 2018

Working on continually refining 6-DoF mobile VR application platform - NOLO HOME: 
a. Adding VR browsing mode for switching games;
b. Adding download manager to sort all downloaded games;
c. Adding wishlist to help you organize and keep track of games you want. 


NOLO development schedule for May 2018

I. Working on a refined PC desktop software named NOLO Assistant (first version), main features include: 
    a. Checking battery status of NOLO device by simply plugging in the device to PC; 
    b. Providing the most up-to-date and detailed tutorials for setting up NOLO and Mobile VR headsets with PC for SteamVR play, streaming software is required (For PC VR headset users, please follow the tutorials on NOLO official website);
II. Working on a new version of NOLO HOME for 6-DoF Mobile VR play, main features added: 
    a. Supporting Gear VR headset (2016 or newer). 


  • If it is at all possible (I expect it would take new firmware), I suggest increasing the tracking updates from 60Hz to at least 120Hz (200-240Hz is better). At 60Hz, it's simply too slow.
  • Hi Ivan!! The limit of 60hz is imposed by the speed of ultrasound. Reaching  4mt with ultrasound takes around 16 mili seconds... so don´t expect any update there...
  • (not Ivan): The speed of sound says you would take 11ms for 4m (90Hz). But that's only part of the tracking (distance), position is done by IR-LED. I'm pretty sure that the distance can be interpolated at a higher frequency (as ultrasound is not very accurate anyway, I'd imagine it only is used as a 'sanity check' on the IR tracking).
  • Hi Guys,

    Nolo Home should have Web PC version ( aweb version) on the Nolo Website like the Oculus Store (
    There we can login with our Nolo Home credentials :
    1. We can browse Cardboard ( can purchase/ no Download) Game appears as purchased and availaible in our game library, when we open our nolo Home Mobile, Game purchased should appears in our library with a download button if we do not yet downloaded it on the phone)
    2. We can browse Gear Vr ( same as cardboard process no download)
    3. We can Browse Oculus Go ( can purchase and Download the game on the pc because for side loading the game you need a pc to transfert the apk to the Oculus Go, that avoid you 2 more steps : Download on smartphone -> Connect Smartphone to pc to extract APK !
    Developer work on pc not on a smartphone, so the when they want to publish a game in Beta on the Nolo Platform they should be able to do it on pc -> Nolo Home Web version or pc version call it as you want.
    And user that want to test beta game can receive invitation on they Nolo Home mobile app or by mail then will be added to Beta tester and can acces to Beta library and help developer to get feedback and improve they game.

    That's some roof idea i get on my mind.

  • > 5. Display firmware version of connected NOLO device in battery life status.

    Is there any way (or will there be any way) to get the firmware version via the PC SDK?

  • @iVRy We will send you an updated SDK today. 
  • @admin Thanks, but that SDK is the one I already have, and does not provide any way to get the firmware version.
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