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  • I need help downgrading my nolo firmware
  • I want to downgrade 
  • Please help
  • @Ryuga_Hideki @jawad
    Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password to We need to book you in advance. 
  • 23 april 10:30 am
  • Today china time 10:30 am
  • Still waiting.
  • @jawad You need to send your Teamviewer ID and password to for your own safety. Without the Teamviewer ID and password, we cannot access to your PC. 
  • @admin I have flight today. I need to go now
  • After 2 days I will contact with you.
  • @jawad I deleted your Teamviewer ID and password in the previous post. It's dangerous to share your ID and password here! Please send to next time for your own safety. 
  • Just got nolo, the controller isn't aligned and is teleporting around. Do I need to downgrade?
  • @tbog1377 Hi, please send the following details to
    1. what HMD are you using?
    2. what software are you using?
    3. The Serial number of NOLO CV1. It can be found on the product box starts with LY words. 

  • Hi, I just saw this post... after upgrade of my Nolo CV1 right after I unboxed it as it was asked by Nolo Home. I have the issue where the controller vibrates all the time (seems related to battery level), and I see the vive controller in steamVR but I see the nolo controller on the ground behind me too. And most of the time the games are using those nolo controllers that are not where they should be and game is not playable.
    So... Should I downgrade?
    HMD : PIMAX 5k plus
    Software : PImax Pitool v1.0.0.132, Nolo Home 1.12.5
    SN : LY25718121701115

    Thanks a lot!

  • Didn't found how to edit my previous post, sorry.
    So Today I had an interesting experience. The vibrating controller didn't vibrate after it was with max battery. But then I disconnected it and reconnected it a few hours later, time remaining was 6h and it vibrated. I then proceed to disconnect the Head marker and the vibration immediatly stopped!
    I reconnected the head marker and vibration immediatly returned. Did it a few times and it was always the same.

    I hope it will help you resolve this issue.

    Also I tried Pavlov VR. I had to re-set my controllers several time as they lost there referential, quite ennoying. And for those kind of games with 360° action, how can we set thing up to be able to game (I saw a video with base station on the sailing...)

  • @RugbyGoth Hi, thanks for your message. Can you help to try to pair your NOLO devices again to see whether it can be solved? If not, then we would like to book a remote session to flash the firmware. Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri with your Teamviewer ID and password to 
  • @admin Thanks, re-pairing did the trick and with full battery the controller doesn't vibrate. This vibration seems to interfere with the positionning, I was able to play 30 minutes on Pavlov VR after re-pairing without a glitch when 2 days ago, with vibrations, it was a nightmare and I had to reposition my controller (twice the "SteamVR" button) several time. Today not once.
    So I keep in mind that to have both controller functionning as vive controllers in steamVR Home and games, re-pairing could be necessarry.
    thanks a lot!
  • @RugbyGoth Hi, thanks for your update. May I check with you that after you re-pair the devices, will the vibration issue happen again? 
  • @admin, it didn't happened yet, but I try to maintain my controllers at a high state of charge to avoid it...
    I'll try to let it discharge a bit to reproduce the vibrating, then if it reproduces I'll try to re-pair and finally to recharge and I'll let you know the outcome. IRL I'm an electronic engineer in a big telecom company working on FPGAs and I have 2 weeks holidays now, so if I may help ;)
  • Issue on vibration seemed to be Nolo Home 1.12.5. When I use only Pytool and SteamVR no vibration and everything is smooth.
    As soon as NOLO HOME is turned on (while all is set up), the controller vibrates and stops only if head marker is disconnected or NOLO HOME shut down.
    After upgrade to NOLO HOME 1.13.6 no vibration was observed.
    For the Vive controller vs nolo controller in steamVR and steamVR games, the re-pairing seems to resolve the issue, but re-paring must be done from time to time when issue comes back again.
  • @RugbyGoth Hi, many thanks for your update and support! I have passed your message to our Dev Team. 
    If you find the Vive controllers and the NOLO controllers appear again, can you send us your openvr file and a screenshot of your SteamVR driver file? We are thinking if there's something wrong with the driver file. 

    For the openvr file, please enter %localappdata% in any of the address bar, then press Enter. It will take you to the Local folder. In openvr folder which is under the Local folder, you will find a file called openvrpaths.vrpath. Please send us this file. 
    For the SteamVR driver, it will be somewhere similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers. Please help to take a screenshot of that page. 
    Thanks again for your support!
  • @admin. So the VIVE + NOLO controller (nolo behind in the ground) is happening all the time, but from last re-pair SteamVR is always choosing the Vive controller over the nolo controllers, so everything works for me now.
    I can send you the files... but how can I send you the files? mail at support"at" ?
  • EDIT: I had once again the nolo controller chosen, seems like it happens when controller are not in the field of view of the base station when stemVR is launched.
  • @RugbyGoth Yes, please. Please send the file to Do you mean that once the controller cannot be seen from the base station, then the nolo controller will be shown up again? 
  • I mean there are always 2 vive at the right place and 2 nolo on the ground and from time to time, steamVR Home and other steam apps will choose to use the nolo ones instead of the vive ones (I own only nolo of course).
    I send you the files asap.
  • Last trial:
    • Power off all Nolo devices
    • restart Pimax
    • Restart PC
    • power on all Nolo devices
    • Start SteamVR with controllers in the view zone of the base station
    • I obtain 2 vive controllers with the hands draw on them (right and left hand) and 2 Nolo controllers on the ground
    • turn off 1 controller while still in view range
    • Turn controller back on while still in view range
    • Vive controller reappears but without the hand drawn
    • Controller in use is now the nolo one on the ground
    • Other controller not affected (Vive controller still in use)
  • @RugbyGoth Hi, thanks for your update. We checked your openvr file, and there are some contents you need to delete. Please check the email we sent to you. :)
  • @admin check emails, I tried but it didn't worked... We can set a teamviewer whenever you want in the next 2 hours
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