Firmware downgrade

Following a firmware downgrade, I am able to use my Nolo set properly using OSVR server option.

However, when I play Budget Cuts and perform a 180 al of the control inputs are reversed.

Am I missing something?

All the best


  • Now SteamVR keeps crashing saying it has encountered a critical error despite my doing nothing different from when I wrote first wrote this post.

  • If I stop Nolo and run Steam Vr with Oculus started everything is fine. Looks like Nolo Assistant is causing the problem. Please help
  • -(exasperated)-
  • @siege Hi, thanks for your message. May I know which version of NOLO Assistant are you using? 
  • @admin - I have already written and received a response from your email support team. I am currently using Nolo driver for Windows as all other versions of Nolo Assistant cause conflicts in that I am unable to get controllers to connect in SteamVR. They are paired and all lights are green.

  • @siege Thanks for your feedback. Please record the video and send it to 
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