Woeful, inadequate support - Cost for repair or replacement utterly ridiculous


After working for over 5 months to get Nolo running in an acceptable state, exactly 12 hours after I got to experience complete 6dof my controller trackpad ceased to work.

I have been in contact with support with regards to the faulty controller. Support offered two potential solutions:

1. To return the controller to China whereby Nolo will repair the device & return it provided I pay all costs.

Besides the potential for waiting over a month to get a controller returned, the cost is over $70 in shipping fees alone.

2. Buy a new controller from Nolo at a cost of $69 plus $40 for shipping. This means the total cost is over $100

I feel this model of support you offer is not fit for purpose. The cost for a new control pad is ridiculous - a nolo controller is more expensive than either a HTC Vive or Occulus controller! 

The support route is equally as ridiculous; with the shipping costs & time making the proposition a complete waste of time.

I cannot believe, having persevered for so long,to get such a buggy piece of equipment working, that the support on offer is so ludicrously expensive. I'd almost rather add an exra $200 and get a Windows Mixed Reality headset with inside out tracking.

Given the controller issue is simply a snapped cable between the touch pad and controller board (touchpad zc 1) I feel paying $100 is ridiculous. If I can obtain the actual cable (which would cost cents)  then I could enjoy Nolo once again. However, with the current support costs, I feel continuing using & supporting the product  would be making a fool of myself if the company cannot offer reasonable assistance when needed.

I would be delighted if some form of agreement can be reached however having talked to support I feel this will be the last I use Nolo.

Kind Regards


  • @maxpower Hi, thanks for your message. We also replied to your email.
    We would like to explain more about our offers.
    1. Due to the company policy, we cannot send a separate component to the customer and ask them to repair it by themselves. It's not safe, and it's not complete after-sales service system.
    2. The shipping cost is about US$37 for Ship-back maintenance. (Ship from China to the UK) And normally it will take about 1-2 working days to repair it. (It takes about 4 working days from China to the UK by DHL.) 

    At last, I personally applied to the company to repair your device for free, so you only need to pay for the return shipping cost. But as you said, you struggled 5 months in the past, we would be appreciated that you could email us or contact us here to inform us. So that we can help you in time. 
    Please let us know your decision. 
  • edited August 2019
    In the end I took the control pad to a mobile phone repair shop & they solered 6 wires instead of the flat cable. The control pad now works 100% and is a joy to use! It cost £20 so I felt it was well justified. 
    See this link for the finished work - https://imgur.com/a/QOuq1mt
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