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  • Hi all,I would like to give some feedback on this. After not using it for months, I finally decided to upgrade/update everything including NOLO hardware despite the advide of not doing it when you have a PIMAX. It didn't change anything at first as …
  • @admin I think I have no other options left than to do the update of the firmware of devices, eventhough it is not recommended for Pimax users.
  • @admin The base station is not connected to the PC.The base station is connected via the USB cable provided in the NOLO box, directly to the power supply.Only the headset market is connected to the PC via USB cable.
  • If I run the NOLO_PC Self-test tool, it can detect the NOLO devices (see screenshot below)
  • Thanks @RugbyGoth for your advice.I modified the openvrpaths.vrpath by removing the duplicate reference to Nolo path. The benefits of that is that the duplicate controllers disappear. But no changes in detecting the headset.If ever I unplug the USB …
  • @admin If I start SteamVR and I try to setup a room this is what I get: It is saying that the headset is not visible, while Steam seems to detect the headset and Nolo. If I look into the headset, it is black.If I kill the process NoloServer.exe, the…
  • @admin After the successful pairing (all green), if I start Nolo Home (not pitool), I get the message:"The current firmware version of the NOLO devices is inconsisten. Please update the base station, the headset marker and the controllers to the lat…
  • I was away for 2 weeks and I am just coming back. I did obviously re-pair the NOLO devices many times but this didn't "repair" them. Any other advice? I will try to follow all the steps again later today.
  • Yes, I can follow the steps above, but nothing special is happening. I am not sure if I am supposed to start this calibration from, somewhere in NOLO Home, I didn't find any equivalent to room setup in Nolo home. Yesterday, when I restarted NOLO I g…
  • Yes, I can follow the steps above, but nothing special is happening. I am not sure if I am supposed to stqrt this calibration from, somewhere in NOLO Home.Today, weh I restarted NOLO I got this message:The current firmware version of the NOLO device…
  • Thank you for your quick answer. No, I don't run them at the same time. I run separatly SteamVR, Nolo Home and PiTool (I check if they are stopped in the task manager). Both SteamVR and PiTools can see the headset and the controllers, but when it co…
  • I was one of the unfortunate who did the update and my controllers were double. Thanks to Nolo support, everything has been fixed and my NOLO is working now wonderfully with my Pimax4k!

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