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  • Hi everyone. I'm having the same problem listed in the first post here: 1. Nolo Assistant has Ceiling mode set, but I still get tracked as if it were not set. So when the base station is ceiling mounted, moving forward & backward translate as mo…
  • @admin OK yes I will do that, thank you. Will be next week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. I will update time here when I figure it out.
  • Hi, I'm also experiencing this problem. It interferes with whatever I'm trying to do. I don't understand why the controllers are shutting down even while I'm using them. Is there really no way to affect this other than firmaware? If not, I should …
  • Thanks admin. Yes it was a hardware issue, I got a replacement and it works fine. I'm pretty happy with it I have one issue where the controllers go to sleep even while I'm using them, requiring me to constantly keep switching them back on. Other …
  • Hi Admin So I took a picture and sent it to the address you provided. I hope it helps clarify what might be my problem, although I'm beginning to suspect. The image shows all 4 devices, with solid green LEDs on the two controllers and the headset,…
  • I notice on Youtube videos that the base station lights can be seen through a digital camera. When I look at my base station through a digital camera I don't see them. Should I be concerned about this?
  • Hi TheDeaX, thanks for the reply. Do you mean it's OK because it is a known issue? And that the issue is known and a fix is in development?

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